How We Vaccinate

With our simplicity focused, natural lifestyle many have asked about our thoughts on the topic. Most people want to know the two basic questions that I address below.

Do you vaccinate? Yes, we vaccinate. We do an alternative schedule and have carefully selected which ones, and when. No vaccinations are given until the child is 12 months old. The vaccinations that are given, are ones that we believe could cause serious or life threatening illness if contracted.

What vaccines do you give? Here is the schedule that we’ve used for all four of our children. It’s what has worked best for our family.

  • Birth: Vitamin K
  • 12 Months: prevenar 13. pentacel
  • 15 Months: prevenar 13. pentacel
  • 18 Months: prevenar 13, pentacel
  • 24 Months: prevenar 13
  • 36 Months: MMR, pentacel
  • 5 Year: Dtap, Polio, MMR
  • 11 Year: Tdap, Meactra#1
  • 16 Year: Menactra #2
    • Prevenar 13: (Pneumococcal vaccine) Pneumococcal disease is a serious infection caused by a bacteria. Pneumococcal bacteria can infect the sinuses and inner ear. It can also infect the lungs, blood, and brain, and these conditions can be fatal.
    • Pentacel: Pentacel vaccine helps protect against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib, and polio.
    • Menactra: Menengitis vaccine

Vaccines are a hot, very passionate topic by many. I’m not here to debate what’s right or wrong. Just sharing the path we have chosen for our family, since many have asked.

My heart on this issue is that each family and their needs are different. All of us are trying to do what we know is best for our kids.

My encouragement is to do your research, and make an informed decision. There are so many opinions! Don’t decide what’s best for your family, based on someone else’s opinion.

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