The Magic of Communication in Marriage

Almost ten years of marriage has taught us a few things. We by no means, have it all figured out, but does anyone? Ever? Thankfully, by God’s grace we have endured thus far, and continue to learn.

Obviously, marriage has so many different components, I couldn’t begin to touch them all in one post. Today we’re focusing on communication, addressing other topics in the future.

Communication is one of the basic reasons the there’s conflict in marriage. Lack of can bring up issues that may produce conflict. Here’s a few things that we have learned that encourage keeping those avenues open.

  1. Set aside time to talk. Morning, noon or night. Set a designated time (we do 1 hour after the kids are in bed), with no other distractions to just talk. You’ll be surprised at some of the conversations that come up once you start chatting.
  2. Share a mutual calendar. We share a virtual one, but you could do a physical one too. This way there’s no surprise when an event comes up that your spouse may have planned.
  3. Be honest. Seems simple, but I’m talking about those little frustrations that come up. Talk about them while they’re still little things, eventually they’ll grow into bigger ones. **However, take time to consider your motivations and presentation when you bring it up. Make sure you’ve got a sincere heart of love. If not… wait until you are.

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