Affordable Non-Toxic Makeup

Do you know what’s in your makeup? I didn’t pay much attention to mine for the longest time. I was often pretty random with the items I bought. Most times I bought cheap drug store products, but would occasionally splurge on the more expensive items. Until recently…. I had to toss everything I had and start over.

Migraines became a regular occurrence after I would wear makeup for an extended period of time. I was totally clueless to it. I thought my contacts were bothering me. Then it hit me, most times that I wore my contacts, I was wearing makeup. That was it, I tossed all of my makeup and wore just my contacts, sans makeup for about a month. Yep, that was the key! My makeup was giving migraines that lasted for days after I wore it.

This caused me to reevaluate what I was putting on my face. The chemicals and toxins that I was paying no attention to. I’ve been living this natural lifestyle but forgetting about my face! What was I thinking?!?

I’ve recently switched all of my makeup to a brand that I am confident is the purest available. I had to take it slow and only buy a few items at at time. However, its worth the investment!

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