Typical Day of a Stay at Home Mom

Routine is what keeps us all sane. Flexibility is important, but a general schedule keeps extreme chaos from happening. Here’s our general schedule.

5:00 Mom & Dad wake up.

6:30 Kids usually wake up, but are expected to remain in their rooms quietly.

7:00 Kids are up and out of bed. Turn on PBS Kids while I do morning chores.

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Make beds & get dressed. Kids do their best effort at doing these themselves, I help where needed.

9:00 School. Typically one child at a time. The other three play in basement or their rooms to avoid distractions.

11:30 Finish up school and begin lunch prep.

12:00 Lunch. We always read one Bible story and one other story of their choice.

12:30 Naps/ Quiet Time

2:30 Quiet activities, until everyone is awake. Reading, coloring, screen time.

3:00 Everyone is awake, so free play is on til dinner.

5:00 Dinner

7:00 Kids bedtime. Older ones don’t typically fall asleep right away, but wind down in their rooms.

9:00 Mom & Dad bedtime.

Obviously, not all days are ideal. This is our general guideline for what makes the most productive day. We throw in fun activities and exceptions now and again!

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