Social Media Comparison Trap

We live in a social media saturated era. There are SO many good things about living in this time. The abundance of communication, relatability, creativity and friendships that flourish through social media is such a beautiful thing. However, like most, too much of anything can become harmful .

Social media can easily go from encouraging and uplifting, to comparison and judgment. It’s a slippery slope that can go bad very fast! For quite some time, I struggled with a sense of inadequacy in “real” life as well as social media. Time, prayer and seeking my fullness in the Lord have reminded me all that is true.

Recently, I’ve become comfortable to share some ways that help combat those unproductive emotions that tend to come up.

  1. Only follow people that bring joy, speak truth, or encourage. If they don’t meet those criteria, I simply unfollow. There have been seasons that I need to unfollow a person for a bit, then can go back an re-follow with no issues later. Many times, it has a lot more to do with my current circumstances than the other person.
  2. Evaluate followers & followings regularly. Every few months I go through my lists and clean it up. No sense in following people for the numbers. I’m not into simply growing my numbers game. My worth is not in the amount of followers or likes. I let myself become distracted by that for too long.
  3. Share what I want, when I want. I try to share in the most real-time as possible. I don’t pre-plan my posts or arrange them according to the best algorithm times. I want to follow genuine people, and I know that’s what others want to see from me. If there’s a topic on my heart or we’re doing something fun, that’s what I post.

These are just a few areas that I keep in check as I participate in this technology filled age. Hopefully it helps you, experience the joy that can come from sharing our lives with others around the world. Never before have we had this opportunity!

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