Potty Training Schedule

Here we go again, round 4! Excited to get our little guy out of diapers, but definitely not pushing my baby before he’s ready. There’s some tips I’ve learned along the way, so I’m here to share. With our method, we’re typically out of daytime diapers in 3 days!

1. Commit 3 days of being consistent. Ideally, this would be a time when you’re going to be home, so you can stay on top of the little toddling tush.

2. Don’t rush it before they’re interested. Know your child, and start when it feels right. If possible, start before they turn 2. Now, some kids just aren’t ready until WELL after that, and it’s fine! They’ll get it when they’re ready.

3. Let them run around totally pant free. Yep, naked booty is the best for this. (Hence, the reason it’s best to do it at home.) I’ve found that if they have ANYTHING covering their bottom, they feel like they have a diaper on, and will have accidents.

4. Place potty chair in a central location that’s easy for the child to find. Maybe the living room or maybe the bathroom, depends on your house setup.

5. Ask them if they need to go, consistently throughout the days. I try to ask about every 20-30 minutes. Just to spark the memory, that we’re working on this whole potty thing!

Show them the potty chair, talk about NOT going on the floor, and going in the potty.

Beginning, it’s guaranteed that they’ll have a few floor accidents before they go on the potty, but that’s ok. It’s a great time to remind them where the potty chair is, and that’s where they should go.

The first, and several times after they make it to the chair, give them PRAISES like you never have before. Clap & sing & build up that confidence that they can do it!

You’ll know after 2 days whether they’re “getting it” or not. There’s been a few times we’ve tried and the child hasn’t been quite ready. We put it all away, get out the diapers and try again in a few weeks or months.

Two other things…

1.) I HIGHLY recommend is NOT going back and forth from underwear to diapers or pull-ups. That causes the child confusion and typically takes them quite a bit longer to catch on.

2.) Another, trick is to keep a potty chair, wipes & a bottle of water in the car. Makes impromptu necessary potty stops, MUCH easier. Especially with multiple kids!

We’ve got three down, one to go!

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