Activities to do In Summer Vacation

With four littles, it’s surprising that I haven’t felt the need to make a summer plan in years past. Honestly, I never saw a need for it. However, my school age littles aren’t so little anymore, and thrive in a more structured environment.

I had no idea what our plans looked like for the summer until this week. I knew that we could not stay home every day, and enjoy our time together, day in and day out.

My goal is to leave the house once a day on every typical weekday. These plans aren’t in stone and easily flexible if something comes up. However, knowing that we have the option is very nice. I also wanted keep activities free or cheap. Just cause’ it’s summer doesn’t mean money grows on trees.

Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Monday: Library Day, we signed up for the summer reading program and plan to check out new books each week. Some easy readers for the kids and chapter books for read-alouds. Computer time, games and story time are also available at our location, so we plan to utilize all of those.

Tuesday: Playdate with friends. It’s really important for our kids to continue fellowship with their friends, even when they aren’t in school.

Wednesday: Picnic Lunch with Daddy. Mid-week is a good time to meet at a park near his office for some mid-day QT. We’ll also take advantage of the AMC Movie Camp. They offer mid-day replays of kid movies for $4, includes movie and kids snack pack!

Thursday: Breakfast with Nina. My mom does work, but is off on Thursday, so we’ve have a standing breakfast reservation each week with her.

Friday: Local Attractions; We have season passes to Grant’s Farm, so we spend most of our Friday nights there, with cousins. They have a tram ride, live music, animals and two free beers for parents! When we don’t go there, we’ll utilize the many other attractions such as our Zoo, Science Center, Magic House or Botanical Gardens during that day.

Obviously this agenda is subject to change, but it works for our family. I love the idea of a plan. So the summer doesn’t fly right past us, without enjoying all of the fullness and freedom it has to offer.

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