Workout Motivation Tips

Wrapping up a six week boot camp challenge, I’m feeling encouraged and motivated. I’m not, (and never have been) a “fitness guru” by ANY means. I enjoy running and would do it to train for races, but no regular workout routine. Definitely not a morning person either, so this has been a HUGE change!

Almost every day it was hard to get out of bed. I almost considered not doing it every single day. But I didn’t, and I never regretted it, not for one day! There were a few factors that help keep me motivated to keep going in this journey.

1. Get a friend to join you. AKA, an accountability partner. The one that shows up with you. That will give you grace when you fail, and encourage you to keep going. Someone you know will show up & that you want to be the same for them.

2. Set workout clothes out the night before. The less you have to deal with at 5AM, the more likely you’ll be to actually do it. Clothes out helps cut one more step to get you going.

3. Don’t get on the scale. Trust me, this won’t help motivate. I made that mistake and just got frustrated. Building muscle and losing inches, don’t always equal weight loss. The fitness testing and body measurements at the end of six weeks, gave me a truer representation of progress made.

Start today. Don’t think about the journey ahead or progress to be made. Just make the decision to do it one day at at time. You’ll be amazed at your discipline & change!

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