Modern Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas looks a little different for our family, but there are just a few things we try to keep as tradition. We’re open to adapt as our family and needs change. Some things have just stuck. So, if you’re looking for a new tradition, maybe try one of these!

Real & Fake Tree: The charm & scent of a real Christmas tree are not duplicatable. However, the beauty and simplicity of a fake tree are appealing too. We have one of each… and we like it that way. The more Christmas the better!

Holiday Light Drive: Jammies, slippers, stuffed animal & snacks! Head off to wherever the road takes us. This is so fun, free and memorable. We usually take a ride several times throughout the season. There’s always new sights to see.

An Orange in the Stocking: My parents always did this for me and I love the memory. I never ate the orange and neither do my kids, but it’s a fun, bright treasure. Plus, it fits really nicely filing bottom toe of the stocking.

Christmas Eve Service: We make this time a priority. Other distractions can come so easily, but if we hold fast to this special celebration, it’s not easily overlooked.

Those are just some of our favorites. We’re always adding and taking away from what works and what doesn’t. What are some of you’re holiday traditions?

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