Gifts for the Child Who Has Everything

Gifting and shopping can become so complicated. They make lists, change them & change them again, and again… until they don’t even know what they asked for. Hence the procrastination in me, when Christmas lists are made in October, and I shop mid December.

With so many choices and pressure to keep up, it can be too exhausting for little to ones to grasp. We all think we want it all, until we have it. Then, we move on to what we want next. Kids are no different than us in this aspect. They ultimately just want the little things… like adults.

Quality-Time: So many of our most treasured moments are the quality time moments with special people. Whether it’s over a powdered doughnut or an exotic exploration. Spending time with those we love, is all that matters.

Learn New Skills: We all have a internal motivation to better ourselves and broaden our experiences. We are designed for change and drive. From learning to play chess, or cooking a new meal, it helps us feel achieved and purposeful to the people around us.

Few Special Keepsakes: No one adores every single thing they own. Even our kids, they realistically interact regularly with very few items that they own, just like us. We’ve got our favorite blanket, cooking skillet & pair of jeans. The ones we cherish most are the ones that bring us the most joy, and are comfortable to use.

Just a few things to keep in mind as we try to come up with the most creative or impactful gift for the ones we love. We all REALLY want very little. The most unexpected may bring them the most joy.

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