Playdate Snacks for Moms and Kids

What kids aren’t hungry or thirsty at a playdate!?! Any moms? Mine are and I’m not great about planning ahead and bringing snacks. However, we went to a friend’s house the other day and she had a table full of healthy snacks and drinks set out… I was in awe and my kids thought she was the coolest! It wasn’t anything complicated or fancy, but showed her hospitality and thought. It meant so much that I want to begin implementing it in our home.

Here’s a few ideas of what she has set out. Also, some things that I always have to offer when friends arrive.

Coffee & Creamer

Sparkling Water

Bottled Water

Juice Boxes

Mandrain Oranges


Fruit Pouches

Yogurt Pouches

Again, this doesn’t have to be anything complicated or overthought. Whatever you throw out will be much appreciated!

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