How to Know Your Child’s Interests

We’ve been doing some soul searching in an attempt to find activities for our kids that grow them in their gifts. They’ve been bombarded with toys, but still have me cutting out cardboard swords!

After a few conversations we concluded that they were just overwhelmed. They didn’t even know where to begin to play. So, we simplified their play areas in an effort to “clear the canvas” and allow them space to create. Heres a few actives that were completely self driven, that required very little help. THIS is what will drive their minds to grow and dream and change… not when we have to do the work for them.

Every child is different and has different ideas, but my motivation is to provide activities that they choose to do, not ones that I need to force upon them. In our little clan we have an engineer, an artist, a baker and a creator. Providing resources that inspire THOSE passions is my goal!

Figure out what the passions of your family are and feed those. The best way is to simply sit back and watch. Watch what they are drawn to when you give them no direction. Most likely, that’s an area that they are gifted in and enjoy.

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