Washing Hair Once Weekly

Think about how much extra time you’d have if you didn’t have to “do” your hair everyday! Or even, be able to go days between washes without dry shampoo or lots of other products. Woah…

This has been a process that I’ve had to work towards. I also have thicker, curly-ish hair, so I know the process looks different for many. Totally applicable to everyone, I even do it with my kids!

One tip that applies to everyone… gradually stretch days between washes to allow your scalp oils to adjust. I used to wash my hair everyday. Then I moved to every other day, and slowly began to stretch longer and longer between washes. Now, I’m at once a week, which is so helpful when it comes to time management and hair health!

Some prefer to re-style daily, if so you could rinse without shampoo if needed. I workout everyday so I do a rinse with no products every few days. Just water, nothing else.

It takes time, but eventually you’ll get there. Your natural scalp oils will slowly adjust. You’ll be carefree hair livin’!

The shampoo & conditioner I use!

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