Living Outside of Fear

I have many “mama fears”, but one has become stronger than any other, in this particular season. I know, almost every mom I talk to, has a struggle of their own. All different, but mostly present.

These fears usually begin small and periodic. However, over time can easily consume us. Without seeking truth and purposeful mind work, they can get completely out of control and debilitate before we realize it.

I have had a fear of a water and my children for years now, but more recently it became quite an issue. Rightfully so, we are in season of four small children that feel confident in the water without actual swimming skills. It lead me to a few realizations that can help with ANY mom fear.

1. Take thoughts captive within a few seconds. You know that moment you have a thought, then begin to envision all of the most awful possible outcome. Don’t let yourself get there. Shut those down before they move any further than a simple thought.

2. Conquer the fear. Participate in those activities that drive the fear. I’m obviously not talking about doing things that are purposely dangerous or unwise. For me it’s been swimming. So, we are proactively focused on teaching our kids to swim. This brings confidence and security that whatever it is, is not quite as scary as thought. We can’t live in fear!

3. Accept that you aren’t in control. As hard as that is, it’s somewhat comforting. We can be wise and do all the “right” things, but we don’t control the outcome. I’ve had to give this to the Lord, seeking His promises and truth on areas that I feel afraid.

This isn’t an easy process and it definitely takes time. Every step in fighting fear is a step in progress. Cause living in fear isn’t really living!

Six things I love about Brooks

He’s super special and a fan favorite in any crowd! There are so many things to love about this boy, but here’s six of my favorites.
One Year
Two Years

Three Years

1. Artistic: You should see this kid color!

2. Caring: Puts others first in most decisions.

3. Funny: The things that he comes up with….

4. Free-Spirited: Unwavering in his creativity.

5. Content: Only desires the minimum.

6. Humble: Pure motivations drive his actions, not a fan of praise and recognition.

Four Years
Five Years
Six Years

A Word to the Fatherless

Father’s Day was this past weekend. It is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those Dads that we want to show some love. There are so many wonderful men that lead and love their family well. I’m so thankful for this day to celebrate THEM!

Father’s Day can also be challenging for those of us who have lost our dad, or no longer have a relationship with him. Some of us had wonderful dads that we lost too soon, some had dads that lived a long, loving fulfilled life. Others never had a relationship or have a strained one with their father. In any circumstance, the day can be difficult.

My personal story is is that I had an amazingly loving dad that died at the young age of 42. He was a wonderful support, loving, gentle and fun. He was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 40 and battled for two years. I was at the awkward age of 11 when he died, so there was a lot going on in those developmental years. I had wonderful men that did, and have continued, to show up in my life. Those men, giving me a wonderful picture of what a father looks like. None could ever replace my Dad, but so thankful for what they taught me.

I’ve learned many things through all of these years without my father. So many seasons and changes and personal growth has happened. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I am NOT father-less. I have a perfect father in Christ Jesus. He is EVERYTHING I need, and I feel abundantly blessed that I am a child of the King. It took many years of suffering, searching and praying. It didn’t come without hurt and heartbreak. Many lessons learned and work of the Lord.

Today, I confidently approach Father’s Day without mourning or sadness or suffering. Over the years it has become a day of rejoicing. Rejoicing for the father I had, the men that have come along, and the confidence I hold in my Heavenly Father, Jesus. That He will sustain me, and lead me better than ANY earthly father could.

If you are in a place of suffering and mourning the loss of your father today. I hear you, I feel you, I understand that treacherous path that it can be. I’m praying for you today. That the Lord would strengthen and guide you in a way that you never have been before. That you would find your strength and peace in the Father that never fails and never leaves, Jesus.