Quality over Quantity Fashion

You know those jeans that you pay $12 for, but halfway through the day they’re so stretched out that you can’t keep them on? Yep, I’ve had those. I’ve also had the ones that can be worn for multiple days without any stretch-out struggle.

My point here is that I’m learning the value of quality. I’m referring to clothes today, but can be applied to many areas of life. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’d rather have fewer, high quality items than a whole closet full of items that are basically disposable. Cause if you think about it, it’s the same cost, just fewer items to keep up with!

Basically, items that are going to get regular use, wear and tear, are good ones to make the investment. For example, jeans, tops, shoes, undergarments, pajamas, sentimental daily wear jewelry, coats.

I do see the value in spending less on items that are not used often, have high possibility of being misplaced or are very trendy. Such items may be sunglasses, formal attire, formal shoes, costume jewelry, any event specific items or swimsuits.

The last point that I want to make here is that, high quality doesn’t always mean expensive. A good place to begin locating these items would be thrift shopping or clearance sections. I’ve found some pretty amazing deals on high quality items in both places. Other times I’ve had to break down and make the investment, but it’s always been worth it!


Early Spring Style

Who’s ready for some new spring clothes!?! I don’t typically update my wardrobe each season. However, I do enjoy adding a few new pieces to replace worn out items from last year. I haven’t been shopping yet, but did recently receive a new Stitch Fix box. Here’s the items I decided on.

These are all great layering items for now and non-layering items for later this summer. Cutoff denim and flowing fabrics are always good in my book!

Outfit Styling Tips

Most of my outfit stying doesn’t involve a very thorough thought process. I’ve typically got four little ones, myself and about 30 minutes to get out the door. Here’s a few ideas I use to keep it practical and fashionable.

  1. Simplify what you have. Keep clothes minimal and only keep what you actually wear. There’s no reason to keep items that aren’t in a normal rotation. You may be surprised, but I only have about 5 bottoms, 15 tops & 10 pairs of shoes per season. Not exactly a capsule wardrobe, but pretty simple.
  2. Keep clothes rotating through the closet. I put all tops together and all bottoms together. Clean laundry goes in on the left, and pull items to wear from the right. Whatever’s near the far right side is what I choose from; for the appropriate occasion. This is a good way to make sure all clothes get worn evenly.
  3. Pass on the obvious, go for the unexpected. Add a little pop to any outfit by pairing items that wouldn’t be the obvious choice. Below is an example. High top tennis shoes, ripped jeans and a blazer. It’s a mix and match game that’s so fun an adds instant interest.

Most importantly, where what you like. Be confident and you can wear anything and look fabulous!