Work with Me

I’m a dreamer at heart. Funny thing is, I didn’t discover this about myself until I was 30 years old. Ya know, when I was pregnant with my third baby & my other two kids were three & under. Most would think it was terrible timing to try something new.

Something kept pushing me forward. We needed a coffee shop in our small town, like bad! So, I presented the idea to my mom & she wholeheartedly agreed. Then, off they went… now that coffee shop is a staple in our town & continuing to flourish. I do what I can to help with the shop now, but with 4 small kids, it’s limited to what I can get done at home. My role in that company is basically, the majority of the back end bookwork. I really enjoy it & it’s helpful for them to be able to focus on the face of the shop.

I’ve continued to dream & think…..until recently. Something that completely makes sense has fallen into my lap, an chance that I couldn’t pass up.  It’s the amazing opportunity of sharing essential oils & working with Young Living. Alongside a brilliantly supportive team.

I’ve never been one to fall for ANY direct sales companies in the past. I mean, I RUN as fast as I can from anything that looks, smells or acts like something that may try to loure me in.

This opportunity was completely different! I had already been using oils for a few years, trying to rid our home of additional toxins & making more whole food eating choices. In addition, I had noticed that friends & family had begun coming to me  for recommendations on such. There’s something so satisfying about helping people make healthier choices for their family. Watching those choices impact their family’s health is an even bigger joy.

Young Living, does that. The team that I’m a part of, does that. I want to be a part of something that is impacting people & I want others to join me. There’s no pressure, you do business at your own rate & people love the product. So simple. I’d love to chat more about the amazing business opportunity that is offered with Young Living. Contact me if your interested.

If you’d just like to learn more about adding essential oils to your daily routine, I’d love to chat about that too.